This Is Us

Hi! Welcome to Chill Milkshake and Waffle Bar!

We’re so glad you’re here!

A couple of years ago I experienced my first taste of Chill…the Milkshake Bar in Spring. It was definitely love at first sight. Dustin stated that this was exactly the kind of place that I would create. Why didn’t I?? He was absolutely correct!

Milkshakes (Blue Bell only!) waffles and grilled cheese!! What’s not to love? The whole concept is simply ingenious!

Fast forward a couple of years, Ronny and I were up late one night when he discovered a specialty dessert bar for sale in Montgomery County. In my heart of hearts, l knew this was a Chill! The very next day we met with Kassie and knew this was destiny.

Being in Magnolia makes it even more special. We have a lot of roots here. We were part of Magnolia when it was still a small country town. It’s coming home! We couldn’t be happier.

Chill Milkshake and Waffle Bar is here as a family friendly place to be. At Chill, we believe in treating others as you want to be treated. Our goal is to make your day even better!😊


This chapter is just beginning. We invite you to join in.

Welcome to our happy place!


This is us….

Ronny, Jeannie, Chynna and Ansley

Dustin, Irene, Damian, Aimee and Rae Marie